Course / Best Web designing Course in Delhi

Web designing training by web designers in companies for those who dont want institute type of courses. Work on company projects, home training also available in delhi, noida, faridabad, gurgoan, ncr

Get Practical Web designing training in Companies in delhi if you dont want to Learn in Institute on Company Live projects. To design a website you need to learn html to make the structure of website, css is required for look and feel of the website and jquery provides behaviour to it. This web designing course will teach you HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery. To engage a user to your website it should look attractive and must have good content. A user will not read whole content on your website so to keep user engaged the content should be divided into paragraphs and each paragraph should have a sub-heading so that a user can get an overview of what he is reading about. We must use headings in our web page H1 is given importance by google we must include our keyphrase in H1 tag. Navigation should be properly arranged on every page of your website.

You will learn the latest techniques to make websites which are fully responsive i.e compatible to every device. Responsive web sites are made using media queries and frameworks like Bootstrap. By using bootstrap you can make responsive websites easily. With practical projects and activities you will go through entire design process and will have a strong foudation for designing. You will also learn responsive design-patterns. You will have to make websites that are seo friendly.

You will learn all new methodologies of web designing in this web designing institute. Your website will look good on every screen. To become a front-end developer or web designer you must have practical and in-depth knowledge of techniques and technologies in this field. By using latest CSS3 you can make webpages more attractive with animations, box-shadows, responsive backgrounds all thes will add power to your websites

Jobs you will do

  • First a website design layout will be made (PSD)
  • Convert PSD into HTML
  • Make website responsive
  • Checking cross browser compatibilty
  • Doing on-page seo

Web Designing Course Details

Syllabus for HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Elements
  • Tags
  • Text
  • Attribute
  • Comments
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Ordered list
  • Unordered lists
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Text fields
  • Meta
  • Body Layout
  • Title
  • Head
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Div
  • HTML5 Header
  • HTML5 Footer
  • HTML5 Nav
  • HTML5 Section
  • HTML5 Article
  • HTML5 Aside
  • HTML5 Figure
  • HTML5 Video
  • HTML5 Audio
  • Bold
  • Italic

Syllabus for CSS

  • CSS syntax
  • Properties
  • Use of Id's and class
  • Text
  • Font
  • Links
  • Backgrounds
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border
  • CSS Positioning
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Static Positioning
  • Fixed Positioning
  • Relative Positioning
  • Backgound
  • Background-size
  • Background-image
  • CSS Positioning
  • CSS Floating
  • CSS Aligning
  • CSS Attribute Selectors
  • CSS Navigation
  • Pseudo class
  • CSS Media Types

PSD to HTML using Dreamweaver

  • Designing using Dreamweaver
  • Dreamwaver Shortkeys
  • Toolbars
  • Set Website folder structure
  • Convert PSD to HTML
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Make Websites Responsive
  • Responsive web designing using Bootstrap